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About Us


NAIBER is an economic research institute focused on important concerns facing the North American beef industry.  We identify and prioritize research issues, facilitate and conduct research, and provide widespread access to research results and information.

NAIBER’s mission is to be recognized as the source of information, analysis, and opinion on economic issues of importance to the North American beef industry.

  • Manage information and research
  • Create and discover knowledge
  • Disseminate information and knowledge to the beef industry
  • Provide fact-based analysis and opinion assessing beef industry issues
  • Provide leaderhip in identifying and prioritizing important economic issues affecting the North American beef industry
  • Draw together multiple industry sectors, input suppliers, end-users, and industry partners to identify and solve important issues
  • Facilitate fund raising and coordinate resources to help support high priority industry research needs
  • dentify and organize expert research teams to address research priorities
  • Solicit research proposals from public and private groups for funding in priority areas
  • Provide a forum and platform for researchers, organizations, and industry to interact and become informed on beef industry issues
  • Disseminate research results
  • Offer impartial unbiased opinions based on research reviews and study of industry issues to provide advisory services to policymakers
U.S. and Canadian stakeholders are partnering in the development of NAIBER.

Coordination of the Institute will be shared between U.S. and Canadian research institutions.  Kansas State will serve as the host of the U.S. coordinator and University of Lethbridge will be home for the Canadian coordinator.

The North American Institute for Beef Economic Research promotes the efficient coordination of research resources to provide industry with the knowledge-based information it needs.  NAIBER produces, coordinates and sponsors economic analysis of industry issues, structure, and trends, as well as provides input into policymaking.

Examples of research issues the Institute will conduct, facilitate, or direct include: 

  • Price discovery
  • Captive supplies
  • Market regulation
  • Market information
  • Risk management
  • Traceability
  • International trade
  • Global competitiveness
  • Consumer demand
  • Supply chain coordination
  • Food safety
  • Valuation methods
  • Beef market development

NAIBER acknowledges the following organizations for development support:

Farm Foundation K-State Agricultural Economics CanFax